Trauma Treatment: What Works and Why

In this workshop, participants will learn a framework for formulating cases based on current neuroscience research about trauma, attachment and affect regulation. They will also gain tools that can be utilized when clients are stuck, about to quit treatment, or flooded with unmanageable affect.

Neurobiological principles underlying the therapeutic action of the newer affective therapy methods including EMDR, Somatic Experiencing, Ego State Therapy, Mindfulness and Somatic Imagery will be discussed. Through presentation of basic concepts, case discussion, and experiential exercises–a combination of left and right brain approaches–clinicians will gain understanding to equip them to make more effective therapeutic interventions.

Participants will learn:

  • affect regulation skills to help fragile patients stabilize
  • techniques to help patients process traumatic memories
  • methods of understanding and working with dissociation
  • neurobiological principles to guide clinical decision-making

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