Certificate of Completion

Students can earn a Certificate of Completion in the Fundamentals of Somatic Imagery and Ego State Psychotherapy by:

Completing the following Core Training Requirements:

  • Foundations of Somatic Imagery Parts 1 and 2, or Somatic Imagery In Depth Weekly Format
  • Somatic Imagery and Ego State Psychotherapy: Parts 1 and 2

and by:

Completing at least four of the additional Elective Courses:

  • Couples & Groups-Opening Up the Connection Through Somatic Imagery and Ego State Psychotherapy
  • Trauma Treatment: What Works and Why: From Neurobiology to Clinical Technique
  • Practical Neuroscience
  • Mindfulness for Therapists
  • Using Mindfulness in Therapy
  • Somatic Imagery for Healing: The Mind-Body Connection
  • Somatic Imagery, EMDR and Ego State Psychotherapy
  • Clinical Case Consultation