Power of Somatic Imagery

Imagery has been recognized as a vital dimension of mental life and an effective therapeutic agent in both Eastern and Western cultures since ancient times. Since the Center for Healing and Imagery, (formerly the Imagery Training Institute), was founded in 1984, we have observed a widespread increasing interest in using imagery in psychotherapy. The use of imagery ranges from whole systems of psychotherapy to adjunctive uses in psychodynamic, cognitive, behavioral, and gestalt therapies, hypnosis, treatment of cancer and other diseases, and pain and stress management.

The power of Somatic Imagery™ lies in its grounding in affect, body sensations, and body experiences. By its very essence, it is a deeply integrative process. Somatic Imagery is the language of the unconscious – sending healing messages to the body and resolving psychological conflicts rooted in early experiences.

Somatic Imagery is not a passive client experience guided by a therapist. It is a dynamic and energizing modality that allows the therapist to effectively target and uncover potential sources of even the most chronic psychological and physical problems. And Somatic Imagery can be integrated into any psychotherapeutic approach from psychoanalytical to solution-focused.

This power of Somatic Imagery to illuminate the unconscious moves the therapeutic process forward much more rapidly than verbal interaction alone. Consequently, it is a particularly relevant modality in the context of the current interest in briefer, more focused therapies, and with clients when talk therapy is not enough.

Our acronym (CHI) refers to the energy of the life force, ones inner essence. At the Center for Healing and Imagery (CHI) we believe that Somatic Imagery taps into that life force, and uncovers the innate human capacity to heal.