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The Center for Healing and Imagery (CHI) was founded in 1984 on two related premises:

  • First, “talk therapy” is often not enough to access and transform the most important and most hidden unconscious experiences.
  • Second, “right-brain” oriented approaches can be extremely effective in breaking through therapeutic impasses and managing affective crises.

When our students complete our courses, they “know” how to do use these modalities, both because they have experienced it themselves and because they understand the underlying concepts. At the same time, virtually all of our students feel they learn something of value for their personal lives.


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Mark Lawrence

Mark Lawrence was our highly respected colleague and our dear friend. He was a gifted clinician and teacher who created a powerful model that, in his words, “ integrates the dynamic concepts and techniques of state-dependent learning, dissociation, hypnosis, imagery, and gestalt therapy.” He kept up with the latest developments in neuroscience and had a […]

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Mindful Moments of Pleasure

Summer for many people is a great time to become more mindful. Waking up to the changing colors, sounds, smells and touches of summer brings feelings of pleasure and delight into my daily life. We tend to associate Mindfulness with practices such as meditation which do indeed help cultivate and deepen these skills. But there […]

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Clear conceptualization of trauma’s impact on the brain and body and concrete ways to address this.


I’ve found my training with the Center for Healing and Imagery to be invaluable. Not only has it enhanced my conceptualization of personality dynamics, it has also provided very effective techniques for working with even the most challenging clients.